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Clever Smoke – The Electronic Cigarette

With Clever Smoke you can benefit from a cigarette WITHOUT pollutants

 EUR 39.99


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  Clever Smoke – The Electronic Cigarette

Clever Smoke – The Electronic Cigarette

Finally you can smoke again anywhere and anytime you want without having a bad conscience! Clever Smoke, the electronic cigarette makes it possible! With Clever Smoke you can benefit from a cigarette WITHOUT pollutants. Enjoy Clever Smoke in a restaurant, in a bar, at work or at home and bypass any smoking ban! Clever Smoke you not only save you a lot of money, but also prevent you from smoker’s cough, bad breath and smoky clothes! In addition, Clever Smoke is the perfect gift for a friend or relative who you care for.

This is how Clever Smoke works:

The powerful lithium-polymer battery with 240 mAh capacity provides your Clever Smoke with the required voltage. The battery can be recharged with the supplied charging units (socket, USB or car charger). Depending on the battery’s discharge level, it takes approximately between one and two hours. The battery lasts for approx. 300 puffs. The evaporator unit heats a tiny amount of liquid flavoring that is situated in the flavor containing depot, where it evaporates. This produces an aromatic vapor that looks like cigarette smoke. In contrast to other vendors, Clever Smoke’s liquid flavorings are produced and bottled in Germany! One flavor containing capsule is sufficient for an average of 180 puffs and is not re-usable.

  • 0 % pollutants - 100 % indulgence
  • Beat ANY smoking ban!
  • No dirt
  • No odor
  • No burning
  • No nicotine
  • Including 5 tobacco flavor containing depots
  • Ideal as a gift!
Scope of supply:
  • 1 each - Clever Smoke, including battery, vaporizer and flavor containing depot
  • 1 each - charger
  • 1 each - USB adapter
  • 1 each - carrying case
  • 5 each - tobacco flavor containing depots (without nicotine)

EUR 39.99
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