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6 Second Abs

NEW!! Go from beer-belly flab to just FAB in seconds - with Six Second Abs!

 EUR 14.95


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  6 Second Abs

6 Second Abs

NEW!! Go from beer-belly flab to just FAB in seconds - with 6 Second Abs!
Forget about those painful, neck-wrenching crunches on the floor.
Six Second Abs keeps you off the floor in a comfortable seated position and guides you through the perfect crunch motion.

With the 6-Second Abs patented progressive resistance system, you can easily set the resistance to match your fitness level.
And 6-Second Abs is like your personal coach. It paces you. It tells you when you've done a complete crunch. Just three seconds down and three seconds up. It's so easy. Just listen to the clicks and every crunch is complete. Every crunch is perfect so you don't have to do as many.

You can go from beer belly flab.. to fab. Now you can eliminate the paunch for a flat-toned stomach. 6-Second Abs targets your entire abdominals with just a few simple exercises on the upper abs, the lower abs and the side obliques. Just three seconds down and three seconds up.
Itís so easy. 6-Second Abs utilises more muscle fibres because you're getting a fuller contraction. And you can trim those love handles for the sexy waistline you've always wanted.

The 6 Second Abs works the Upper Abs (beer belly), Obliques (love handles), and the Lower Abs (pooch). With 6 Second Abs, you can train all of your abdominal muscles in just a few short sets or you can target specific muscles. The flexibility of this 6 Second Abs program is what helps you accelerate your results. 6 Second Abs comes with two sets of resistance bands:

  • 2 Yellow (15 pounds of resistance each)
  • 2 Orange (25 pounds of resistance each).

You can use one or two bands at a time, in various combinations, to provide five different resistance levels.

6 Second Abs includes:

  • one 6second Abs
  • 2 orange resistance bands (25 pounds of resistance each)
  • 2 yellow resistance bands (15 pounds of resistance each)
  • 1 DVD with 2 Videos (Rock Hard Abs and Total Body) 

6 Second Abs - the original as seen on TV!

Unavailable for U.K.

Usually dispatched within 24 hours

EUR 14.95
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