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Ab Dance

Combine cardio and muscle training and reduce your training time!

 EUR 109.95


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  Ab Dance

Ab Dance

You’ve never had so much fun with a device that can help you lose weight and get into shape. Ab Dance is an innovation that does you good - you can hardly get enough of it! Training with the Ab Dance is a little bit like dancing.

Traditional abdominal muscle trainers often demand an enormous effort and carry a high risk of injury if they are not used correctly. However, the Ab Dance is designed for you to sit on; you do not move against a fixed resistance, rather you swing back and forth and side to side on the seat. So the risk of injury is more or less eliminated. At the same time, however, your muscles are stimulated and trained.

Reduce the time needed for fitness training!

You can also vastly reduce the time spent on fitness training with the Ab Dance. In the gym you start with cardio exercises, before moving on to muscle training. But muscle training hardly burns any calories. The Ab Dance combines cardio and muscle training and so saves a lot of unnecessary time. But, above all, the Ab Dance lets you do as much as possible for your stomach muscles, hips and upper thighs in a short time. You burn fat – in far less time than with the usual fitness training.

Thanks to the adjustable resistance the whole family can train with the Ab Dance!

  • Pendulum motion for optimal training of stomach muscles, hips and upper thighs
  • Unique combination of cardio and muscular training
  • 5 minutes on the Ab Dance has the same effect as 150 sit-ups!
  • Adjustable resistance for different fitness levels
  • Restraint straps for the arms enable additional training of the upper body
  • The device is collapsible and can be quickly stowed away
  • Max. user weight: 120 kg
  • Dimensions: 95 x 40 x 50 cm
Items delivered:
  • 1 Ab Dance
  • 1 pair of arm straps
  • 1 DVD workout
  • 1 instruction guide

EUR 109.95
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