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Aqua Laser Gold H2O Steam Cleaner 5in1

The steam ace, incl. 2 microfiber covers washable up to 60C! Pure hygiene cleaning...

 EUR 69.95



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  Aqua Laser Gold H2O  Steam Cleaner 5in1

Aqua Laser Gold H2O Steam Cleaner 5in1

The strong steam cleaner for convenient floor cleaning Pure hygiene cleaning...

The following functions are included in the Aqua Laser Gold H2O:
  • Floor steam cleaner
  • Carpet steamer
  • Hand-held steamer
  • Window cleaner
  • Garment steamer
  • Best floor steam cleaner of its category
  • Time-saving and easy cleaning without the need for cleaning chemicals
  • Advanced technology
  • Delta-shaped base with flexible ball joint
  • Improved tank and steam base
  • LED operating light
  • Detachable hand steam cleaner
  • Many additional features

The Aqua Laser Gold steam cleaner is a handy steam mop ideally suited for floor cleaning! In addition, it is perfectly suited for people with allergies, since the steam generated not only removes dirt without any problems, but also bacteria - cleans and disinfects and theres no need to use any cleaning chemicals. Distilled water is not required to be used. The water tank with its approx. 400 ml capacity is constantly refillable. The unit is operational within a few seconds and the steam temperature is approx. 100C. The particularly thick, sturdy high-tech microfiber cover is able to absorb a lot of dirt and moisture. Thanks to its delta-shaped base combined with universal joint enables the ability to reach into every corner and distance knobs protect the floors from scratching. Overheating protection device and attached cable holder on the pole makes the product safe, convenient and easy-to-use. Capacity: 1500 Watt. Furthermore, Aqua Laser Gold is a portable handheld steam cleaner simply detach the hand steamer and you are flexible. Note: Suitable for all floor types. In the case of non-impregnated floors (such as natural wooden flooring), the steam mop should not be used for too long on one specific spot. The cover is machine-washable. Washable up to 60C.

Technical details:

  • Capacity: 1500W
  • Tank capacity: Water tank, approx. 400 ml
  • Constantly refillable water tank
  • Steam temperature 100C
What you get:
  • 1 Aqua Laser Gold
  • 1 water tank including portable steam cleaner
  • 1 triangular foot with hinge
  • 1 handle
  • 1 measuring container
  • 1 carpet steamer
  • 1 window cleaning set
  • 1 cleaning set for stiff surfaces
  • 1 cleaning set for glass surfaces
  • 1 slender bristle nozzle
  • 1 round snozzle for seams, cooking surfaces, work surfaces
  • 1 snozzle for stiff surfaces
  • 1 bent snozzle for surfaces which are difficult to reach, such as window frames, WC pans etc.
  • 2 microfibre cloths
  • 1 cleaning cloth

EUR 69.95
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