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Easy Fit 5 Trainer, 8-piece TV-Set Including Hand Massager

Fitness and Wellness in one: use anytime and anywhere - for all ages!

 EUR 49.00


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  Easy Fit 5 Trainer, 8-piece TV-Set Including Hand Massager

Easy Fit 5 Trainer, 8-piece TV-Set Including Hand Massager

This fitness and wellness device which you can now use any time and something for your physical well-being - anywhere, anytime and with minimal effort.

The Easy Fit 5 Trainer offers you many advantages: Its compact size allows the Easy Fit 5 Trainer to be used almost anywhere, whether on the phone, in the kitchen, watching TV, reading or for activities at your desk or office. With the Easy Fit 5 Trainer you can train at any time, whenever and however often you want so you have no fear of missing regular exercise because you don’t have time.

Despite its size, it can train almost all the muscles, depending on the manner of use. Whether it be your feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, lower or the upper abdomen, back, chest, shoulders, upper arms, forearms and hands - no muscle group is left behind if you utilize all of the training opportunities that the Easy Fit 5 Trainer offers. All exercises are described in detail in the fitness manual and are shown in the training DVD.

Furthermore, the Easy Fit 5 Trainer has other advantages for your physical well-being. The double 24 movable rollers pleasantly stimulate the nerve endings and reflex points in the palms and soles of the feet, allowing a relaxing, soothing massage effect.

Easy Fit
The Easy Fit 5 trainer is completely flexible in its application intensity. The force required and thus the intensity of the training will be roughly predetermined by the use of flexible resistance balls. Then, each movement is carried out with your individual strength.

Technical data:
  • Dimensions: Width 502 mm, Length 310 mm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Hand Massager: H 97 mm, W 276 mm, Length 120 mm
You get:
  • 1 Easy Fit 5 Trainer
  • 2 green resistance balls (Difficulty: Medium)
  • 2 power handles
  • 1 DVD with exercise instructions including Fitness Guide
  • FREE: 2 yellow resistance balls (Difficulty: Easy)
  • Includes hand massager

EUR 49.00
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