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Ecogenie Ball, set of 2

Replaces conventional detergents, with maximum efficiency!

 EUR 29.95


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  Ecogenie Ball, set of 2

Ecogenie Ball, set of 2

A modern and ecological cleaning system:
from now on conventional detergents belong to the past. Now you can clean your clothes without soap; the results are astonishing and the environment is not polluted with chemical substances. The time for Ecogenie Ball has come!

Discover the advantages:

Save money:
You do not need any detergent any more. The Ecogenie Ball lasts for 3 years!

When using the Ecogenie Ball no phosphats or chemical substances that are harmful to the environment and are in common detergents will end up in the waste water.

Very comfortable:
Ecogenie Ball needs less space and does not have any influence on the normal function of your washing machine. Just use the washing programme and temperature that you want - but without detergent.

Astoishing results:
Ecogenie Ball has past all tests and has proven its cleaning efficiency for colours and white clothes.

Time saving:
Buying of detergent is history!

How it works:
After many years of research it was now demonstrated: washing without detergent is possible! For you now with Ecogenie Ball! The ceramic materials of the Ecogenie Ball diminish the surface tension of the water and allow the water molecules to get deep into the fabrics and dissolve and remove the dirt. Additionally negative ions are generated that activate the water molecules and grant a maximum cleaning effect.

Easy to use:
    1. Put the clothes in the washing machine and add the Ecogenie Ball
    2. Choose the common washing programme without adding any detergent
    3. When the washing programme has ended just take out the clothes and let the Ecogenie Ball dry
Economically advantageous and ecological!
Protects the environment as no harmful residues are produced.
Protects and cleans white and coloured clothes.
Protects your health thanks to the antibacterial and hypoallergenic effect.
Saves your money as you do not have to buy detergent any more.

You will get:
  • 2 Ecogenie Ball

EUR 29.95
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