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Gymform Dual Shaper

Reduce your abdominal fat without having to spend time on intensive training.

 EUR 69.95


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  Gymform Dual Shaper

Gymform Dual Shaper

The fat around the middle of the body is the most persistent and harmful to health. This fact makes it even more important to target this area. However, this requires strict discipline, time and patience. The dual Gymform Shaper’s dual electrical stimulation and vibration function helps you simultaneously build up the abdominal muscles and reduce stored fat. So, in a remarkably short time, you achieve stronger muscles and lose fat in a remarkably short time.

While the traditional sit-ups and other abdominal exercises are primarily designed to strengthen your muscles, the Gymform Dual Shaper also directly helps with fat reduction. In addition, the abdominal muscle exercises and fat burning cardio-vascular workout are not achieved in only a few minutes. You must invest time to progress in this way. But you do not always have time. The Dual Shaper can be used whenever the chance arises, as you read or watch television. So, you don’t need to schedule any additional time for your abdominal workout!

Included in Delivery:
  • 1 Gymform Dual Shaper
  • 1 pair of gel patches
  • 1 measuring tape
  • 1 storage bag
  • 1 diet plan
  • 1 user manual

EUR 69.95
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