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VibroAction Belt

Out now - the brand new Vibro Action Belt with revolutionary vibration technology!

 EUR 39.95


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  VibroAction Belt

Vibro Action Belt

Out now - the brand new Vibro Action Belt with revolutionary vibration technology!

The advantage at a glance:
  • Ideal for all your problem areas
  • Activates the blood circulation
  • Keeps your skin firm and elastic
  • Without electric shocks; only natural vibrations
Vibro Action works with the latest vibration technology. The belt produce rapid and intense muscle contractions, over 500 to 900 times in a minute. Instead of conventional workouts you can safe a lot of time with the VibroAction Belt, because you need only a few minutes a day!
Just place it around your problem area and it will literally vibrate your fat away! With vibration motions the belt activates the blood circulation for less cellulite and is ideal for all your problem areas like thighs, hip, buns or belly!

It`s really simple to work with this belt and you can use it precise for any problem area. Furthermore, the Vibro Action belt is less expensive then the vibration maschines in exclusive health centers. The VibroAction has 5 intensity levels for automatic mode or you can decide on how fast or slow or intensive you would like to have the vibration.
Vibro Action makes your skin firm; and at the same time you can treat yourself with a pleasant massage!

The VibroAction belt is quiet, compact and very convenient: you can use it at home, watch TV, listen to music or cook while using it.

Complete offer:
  • Vibro Action Belt with handy remote control
  • Carry Bag
  • Measuring Tape
  • instruction manual
  • diet booklet

220/230V. European plug - a special adapter plug for your country is included!

EUR 39.95
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